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The Von Braun Station is a revolutionary space hotel to lead the way for a new kind of tourism, the low gravity tourism.
Its construction is supposed to start in 2025 and will take place in orbit! It will be over by 2027. The hotel will be a huge rotating wheel with an orbiting altitude of 2000 km.
It is is planned to have a total population of 400 people, including over 100 crew.
The project developed by The Gateway Foundation with the promise that the visitors will experience a starship cruise.
The station named after Wernher von Braun, the German physicist who pioneered in the field of human spacetravels and inspired
the rotating colony in space with artificial gravity.
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Aurora Station is another space hotel will be launched in 2021. It will be open to Private Citizen Astronauts. 
Up to four guests will be able to train and launch to Low Earth Orbit for up to 12 days.
Reservations are already open now
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Gateway Foundation also aims is to build an bigger space-port called "The Gateway," It will be an orbiting station with a capacityy of a thousand person and wll host only scientists.
Its orbit will be 400 kilometres from the earth surface. 
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