What This Site is About

Hi, my name’s Geoff, and this page is about who I am and why I created this site

Geoff, Owner of Cheap Domains


As you no doubt already know, there are many millions of websites on the Internet. All websites put a lot of energy vying to get seen by the public. Many visitors are also business owners, or potential business owners, looking to buy a domain name. This About Page gives a little insight of who I am.

The right domain name can create the right kind of interest in your brand.

Get it wrong and you could be losing business, which means money. This is where it’s vital to do your research to buy the domain that’s right for you.

I have been involved with the Internet for a number of years. Not only as a user but as a website owner, having at one time around 7 commercial sites. I’ve written articles for others, and I have been involved with running forums.

Now, my focus is on buying and selling domains without charging the earth, hence Cheap Domains.

Thank you for visiting my About page.

Please feel free to Contact Me if you have any questions or observations. I love getting feedback.