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We all have a name, whether it is a person, or a business, such as Cheap Domains. A name identifies who we are. However, even though no two humans are the same, we might still have exactly the same name as someone else.

On the Internet, however, we can be totally different to anyone else on the planet! This is because when we have a domain name, we are unique. No one else can have exactly the same domain name.

This website, for example, is Cheap Domains followed by .site, and this identifies it on the Internet.

Why is it important to be unique? Because that’s the way we stand out. That’s how we can look professional. That’s how we attract business.

You only get one chance to make that all-important first impression. So, “getting it right the first time” is vital!

Professional businesses use their own domain. In fact, some businesses will even buy up close domain names, or those with other extensions, such as .net, .org, .info etc. So for example, if you own you might also want to register

By redirecting those domains to their main site, they may capture any visitors who might have mistyped the URL (Web address) into their browser.

Why Buy From Cheap Domains

We at Cheap Domains Believe ALL Domain Extensions Should Be Considered

What is the right extension for me?

There’s no easy answer to this.

Traditionally, .com is the one most widely recognized and is likely to remain so for many years to come.

Google states that all Generic TLDs (gTLD) are treated equally by them.

Be careful with Country Code Top-Level Domains (ccTLD). You would only want to use a ccTLD in order to become more conspicuous in the search engines in a particular country, or geographical area.  An example of this would be .us for the United States.

Therefore, it would be better to use a gTLD unless a specific country ranking is of importance.

Dwindling Availability of Relevant .coms

For many years, companies have been finding it increasingly difficult to get hold of an appropriate domain name for their company. Businesses have had to ‘make do’ with non-related domains. And where the right name is available, to pay incredibly high fees for the domain: a kind of ‘supply and demand’ scenario.

More recently, however, new domain extensions have sprouted up. So, for ‘speciality’ subjects such as life, apartments, zone etc, there are now literally hundreds of choices. Some would argue that these new domain extensions can often look better than the longer .com version.

With the introduction of new gTLDs, business is better able to use a more brand-relevant domain name. Thus, immediately says that this business is clearly related to dentistry. So it follows that these new gTLDs can bring a real advantage.  Conventional businesses, hobbyists, interest groups, service industries, vacation sites, real estate and so on can benefit. These gTLDs focus not just on the company name, but also the kind of business they carry out.

Nowadays, there are even extensions for Sports, such as .football, .soccer, .cricket.

City extensions are useful for a business to easily get recognized as a local company. For example, a business website using a .london extension lets everyone know where the store is physically located.

When searching for certain keywords, you are likely to find some ‘big hitters’ utilizing some of these extensions. This may be in addition to their existing Web addresses.

Here at Cheap Domains, we sell a variety of domain extensions.

You can also find domain names based on themes, such as Business Domains, Health, and Place Names.

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